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Chris Dreams BIG - Reader Reviews

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"Well written and illustrate book for kids and adults on learning to navigate life and pursuing your dreams"

Chris Dudley and his wife Chris do a great job of capturing the concept of helping kids deal with the difficulties of life...whether it is diabetes, a disability or a hardship, this book helps the reader under it is all about dreaming big, not giving up and reaching your goal. It tells Chris's personal story of being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and then becoming a basketball player for the NBA. Highly recommended.

Donald L.Krahmer JR - Portland, OR USA


"This book should be given to all children diagnosed with diabetes"

Whether they like it or not, professional sports personalities are role models and mentors to young people. Their success and the glitter of their stardom make them instant and at times unfortunate authorities about the ways of the world. This book is on the fortunate side.

Chris Dudley played in the National Basketball Association for 16 years, despite having been diagnosed with diabetes when he was a child. This book is about his life and what he had to do to succeed in a physically demanding occupation while dealing with his diabetes. In that regard, this should be given to all young children diagnosed with a chronic condition, especially diabetes. For they need to learn from someone with experience that life with diabetes can be made into one little different from life without it, at least in terms of the level of physical accomplishment.

Parents are natural role models, but there are just some things they cannot model because they do not fit the role. Experience such as that of Chris Dudley is invaluable when it is presented in this way and to the children that need it the most.

Charles Ashbacher- Marion, Iowa United States


"Mr.Dudley's heart for children and their future dreams and his desire to help them understand that they can reach for the stars"

Chris Dudley played was a professional basketball player for 16 seasons, however there is something probably most people do not know about Chris. He has Type 1 diabetes and he has a story to tell.

In this wonderful book our young star ( I'm sure you can guess who that is) becomes sick and finds out he has diabetes. He feels as if all his dreams for a successful life are destroyed. He loves to play basketball, but how can he when he is sick? Soon he finds out that other children are not letting their disabilities stand in the way of their dreams. His teammate Joey has asthma, but still plays basketball. His friend Thomas has a sister in a wheelchair, but she loves to swim, and does.

Chris finally understands that if he takes care of his body and listens to his doctor, he too can follow his dream of playing basketball.

I enjoyed this book. In reading it I could feel the true intent of Mr. Dudley's heart for children and their future dreams and his desire to help them understand that they can reach for the stars.

The illustrations are wonderful and I loved how he merged the book from being a child to being a winning adult. The picture of the hand and foot were great and help to bring the story to a personal level. Everyone has some form of challenge trying to keep them from reaching their goals in life. I firmly believe that this book will touch many people, the young and 'older' with hope, and courage to find their star.

Thank you, Mr. Dudley, for a well written, excellent illustrated book that will help so many reach new heights.

Shirley Johnson- Senior Reviewer - MidWest Book Review


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